The Versatility of Kitchen Tile

When you think about kitchen tile, you probably think of floors. Thereís a good reason for that: kitchen tiles make for beautiful, durable, and functional kitchen floors. Kitchen tile is so much more versatile than simply providing a surface to walk on, however. You can use kitchen tile on countertops, backsplashes, or even entire walls to give your kitchen the polished, customized look you want.

Types of Kitchen Tile

There are three basic types of kitchen tile: glass, porcelain, and ceramic. Glass tiles are best used as accent pieces for borders or to create patterns. Porcelain and ceramic tiles, being more resilient, can be used for virtually any purpose, although ceramic tiles are probably the best choice for flooring.

All kitchen tile can withstand extreme heat, which makes it an ideal option for kitchen countertops. There is no worrying about damaging the surface of your countertops or having the countertop peel away from heat exposure if you accidentally set a hot dish down without a hot pad.

Applications for Kitchen Tile

There arenít many areas of the kitchen that kitchen tile canít be used in. Using the same kitchen tile for your floor and countertops creates a sense of continuity in the room. Alternatively, using complementary styles and colors of tile for your floors, countertops, and walls help to blend the room together while providing more visual interest.

Since kitchen tiles are easy to clean, they make ideal solutions for backsplashes. You will, however, want to consider sealing the grout between the tiles to prevent it from absorbing grease or stains. Ceramic tiles should be sealed upon installation and then periodically thereafter because of their porous nature. When properly sealed, however, tile can stand up to virtually anything.

Kitchen Tile Considerations

When you are selecting your kitchen tile, you need to keep your needs and budget in mind. Kitchen tile can be expensive, but its durability and longevity are well worth the investment. Large tile can cover more surface space, so you wonít need to purchase as many tiles as you would with smaller options. However, smaller tile gives you more flexibility in terms of designs and patterns. Ask yourself what you want your final project to look like and then consult with kitchen designers about the best way to achieve that design.

You should also consider the shape of your kitchen tile. You are not limited to squares! Kitchen tile is available in shapes ranging from circles and hexagons to triangles and ovals. You can even cut custom shapes for your kitchen tile with the right tools and expertise.

Design Ideas with Kitchen Tile

The sheer variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and textures for kitchen tile makes it the most versatile building material available. If you can dream it, chance are that kitchen tiles can achieve it. Mix and match tile colors and shapes or use varying sizes of tile to create a unique effect in your kitchen.

You can create something as simple as a black and white checkerboard pattern or as complex as a Southwestern mosaic with kitchen tile. Expert professionals can cut, shape, and arrange tiles to create elaborate pictures on your walls or backsplashes. Who needs floral wallpaper when the flowers can be built into the wall? If you really love the look of roosters in the kitchen, make them a permanent addition to your kitchen design plans with kitchen tile. Do remember, however, that any pattern you build into your walls with tile will not be easy to change without kitchen remodel plans. Keep that in mind if your tastes are subject to change frequently.

For more ideas and tips for using kitchen tile in your home, explore the resources here at Kitchen Designer Ideas. The sky is literally the limit with kitchen tile, so have fun letting your creativity run wild. When you are ready, hire a professional expert to ensure your kitchen tile project turns out to be everything you hoped for.

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