Kitchen Islands: Ideas and Designs

No kitchen design idea has experienced the surge in popularity the way kitchen islands have. Indeed, the vast majority of homebuyers give preference to homes that contain kitchen islands. Ideas for kitchen islands go so far beyond a simple free-standing cabinet in the middle of your room. The versatility in function and design that kitchen islands offer are what have made them a mainstay in the modern floor plan for a kitchen.

Kitchen Islands to Add Functionality

Whether you are installing a kitchen island as a fixed center point, a division for two rooms, or a portable, rolling food prep area, there is no denying the functionality kitchen islands add to the room. You can relocate your entire oven, install a range or indoor grill, house your dishwasher, or move your sink to a central location with kitchen islands. Some homeowners may wish to use the opportunity to install a drawer microwave or refrigerator in order to free up floor and counter space. Determine the purpose you would like your island to serve and then research your options for creating an island that fits the bill.

Kitchen Islands to Add Storage Space

Kitchen islands do not have to be located at the center of your room. A kitchen island can be built to create a row of additional cabinet space when there is no wall to mount the cabinets on. If you have a large collection of cooking utensils or small kitchen appliances, extra storage could be the key to keeping your kitchen looking neat and organized. Kitchen islands can also create more storage in small kitchens, provided that you choose an island that fits realistically within the confines of your space. Even if there is no clear, practical area for a permanent kitchen island, options exist for kitchen islands that can be rolled out of the way when not in use.

Kitchen Islands to Separate Rooms

One of the most popular forms of kitchen islands is those that create a partition between the kitchen and the living room in open floor plans. L-shaped island kitchen designs can serve as a breakfast bar with a cooking range installed for convenience. If you donít want to completely close up your open floor plan, you can get kitchen islands installed at the boundary of the two rooms, leaving walking space available to either side. This provides an opportunity for the chef to interact with family or guests during food preparation while also creating a more polished look for the two areas.

Sizes and Shapes for Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands can be square, rectangular, oblong, circular, L-shaped, or even S-shaped. They can extend to virtually the entire width of the room in the case of open floor plans, or can be very small to accommodate even the tiniest kitchen. You will want to give the same considerations to the style, size, and shape of your kitchen island as you would to your kitchen cabinets and countertops. Many people prefer kitchen island designs to match the materials and colors of the rest of the room, while others embrace the opportunity to create an interesting focal point.

Use the information here on Kitchen Designers Ideas to explore the vast possibilities for kitchen islands. Decide if you want to top your island with laminate or stone countertops, or if you like the idea of a butcher-block style wooden top. Consider using specialty kitchen design software to see where kitchen islands may be practical in your home, as well as to get an idea of how the finished project will look. Take advantage of the expert knowledge of kitchen contracting companies and interior designers ó their job is to help you get the kitchen you want and need.

When you are contemplating costs and budgets for your kitchen island project, be sure to factor in the added value to your home. If you should wish to sell your home, kitchen islands provide a powerful selling point.

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