Kitchen Design Ideas: A Look at Hi Tech Kitchen Gadgets

by James Mahoney

Because of all the recent developments in technology homeowners can enjoy more convenience and ease of use that are provided by innovative kitchen products.

Hi Tech Kitchen Gadgets

Homeowners today are more tech-savvy, and this makes the task of coming up with kitchen design ideas considerably more challenging for professionals.

The work triangle that is created in the kitchen by the arrangement of the sink, stove and refrigerator will need to be rethought out again in the new high-tech kitchen. It may be a necessary kitchen design idea to use two or three work triangles in this new, high-tech kitchen.

Other Kitchen Design Ideas Inspiring The High-Tech Look

There are many kitchen design ideas contributing to this new high-tech look in kitchen layout and design. They include:

- beautiful cabinetry and countertop designs that are designed to go with technologically advanced appliances.

-an more open view in kitchen design, such as a great room that is ideal for cooking and entertaining

- furniture style cabinetry with an Asian or European influence

- the use of lighter colors in wood cabinetry combined with dark-stained wood

-developing clean, clear lines that can help show off the counters and cabinetry

- the use of granite, marble and stainless steel counters

- detailing inlaid counter surfaces and cafe tables

- high-tech, smart appliances and gadgets that integrate with the cabinet design

- built-in TVs

Features Of Smart Kitchen Appliances

Some features of smart appliances, gadgets, and kitchen design ideas that can be found in high-tech kitchens today are ranges that provide refrigeration capabilities that are controlled by a timing mechanism. This can enable users to prepare meals up to a day ahead of the scheduled meal time. Other kitchen design ideas include small appliances that incorporate internet capabilities.

There are an almost unlimited number of kitchen gadgets and kitchen design ideas available today. For example, two kitchen design ideas are built-in espresso machines and food mixers that can be hidden away with pop out shelves when not in use.

Another kitchen design idea is a microwave drawer that places the microwave at the most convenient height for frequent use. This drawer opens with the touch of a button and eliminates the guesswork that has been typically associated with microwave cooking.

Kitchen faucets are another area that has really gone high-tech. Your kitchen design ideas can encompass a gleaming high-tech spout or a traditional bronze fixture. But in either case, for your kitchen design idea to work, it must be able to meet the demands of both the cooking and cleanup requirements of your kitchen.

Some of the popular faucet features found in high-tech kitchens today include:

-High-arching gooseneck faucets that are quite suitable for filling large pots due to their height.

-Pull-out faucets - spouts with sprayers attached that can reach anywhere.

-Pot Fillers - a spout on a hinged arm usually located next to the range or wall-mounted on the back splash behind it.

-Pull-out faucets - spouts with the sprayers attached. This type of faucet can reach anywhere in a two or three bowl sink. Pull out faucets are handy kitchen design ideas because they can fill large stockpots, coffeemakers, and buckets outside of the sink.

As for finishes, most faucets are made of cast brass and are chrome-plated; however, more recent developments have seen faucets made entirely of stainless steel. One kitchen design idea is creating faucets from an entire block of stainless steel carved to form the design.

You can find many of these kitchen design ideas and kitchen gadgets and more at online sites that have thousands of items for the home that you can explore.

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